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Whether you want to be extremely competitive in the show ring, simply learn to be a better rider at home, need to have your young horse brought along, or have a horse who is rehabbing from an injury we will custom tailor your training program to fit your needs.




Includes 7 days a week care, all lessons, training rides, full grooming, tack ups, turnouts, feeding of supplements (provided by client) with beet pulp, bran and grain. Eurosizer and Treadmill are provided as well. Trainer will manage all veterinary and farrier care. Laundry service, grooming supplies, saddle pads, polo wraps and blanketing services are provided.

Show preps will be provided and body clipping will be done at trainer’s discretion at an additional fee of $175.

First set of turnout boots will be provided, an additional charge of $100 for each set thereafter should horse destroy their pair.


Theraplate and Bemer are provided (unlimited use) for an extra fee of $100/month.


Board is $1450 paid to Corsari Equestrian, LLC.


Shoeing, supplements, and veterinary care are the horses lessee’s/owner’s monetary responsibility, however we will manage and supervise.



These fees do not include entries, tack and grooming stall splits, set up splits, stall fees, feed/shavings, meds for your particular horse and any other fees that may arise at a show such as farrier or vet care.

RAIL/TRAINING FEE (charged from the day the grooms set up until last day of show) $75/day per horse (4 or more clients); Trainer must make a minimum daily fee of $250 so take into consideration of few horses attend. Trainers hotel, fuel and per diem will be split among clients attending show.

GROOMING FEE (from day grooms set up to last day of show) $75/day plus grooms hotel splits.

SUPPLY FEE $75 per show

TRAILERING Hauling is charged on a per show basis.


15% commission fee is applicable for all purchases and leases. Travel time and expenses will be billed to client.


This is for a client who may have a semi-retired horse or laid up horse. Edelweiss will manage your horses care including veterinary care, farrier, daily turnouts, feeding of medications/supplements, eurosizer, treadmill, bemer blanket, Revita Vet, theraplate, handwalking, iceing, wrapping, blanketing and all grooming. $750 /month

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